2018 Australian Technologies Competition Opens Today


The premier launch pad for Australian technology companies with global potential

Game on! Today marks the official opening of the 2018 Australian Technologies Competition. Now in its eighth year, this prominent platform serves as the global launch pad for technology companies across key growth industries.

In collaboration with the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science and the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centres, the Competition attracts, mentors and promotes the brightest minds and technology businesses across Australia’s priority sectors.

In 2018, entrants will be eligible for one of nine awards, supported by partners from across Australia:

  • Cyber Security Award
  • Energy Resources Award
  • New Energy Award
  • Food & Agribusiness Award
  • MedTech & Pharma Award
  • Mining Technologies Award
  • Advanced Manufacturing Award
  • Smart Cities Award
  • Australian Technology Company of the Year

In 2017, the Competition received more than 120 entries, helping both new and mature businesses to take the next step in their commercialisation process and unlock new opportunities. Over the life of the Competition, the Program has attracted 930 applicants, recognising 196 finalists and 39 award winners.

Past winner, Giles Bourne, CEO of BluGlass Limited said: “You don’t need to win the competition to benefit from the exposure and mentoring that this opportunity provides, if you are a technology innovator, you must enter!”


To qualify, entrants must be an Australian registered SME company with less than 100 employees. In addition, they must own or have beneficial use of any intellectual property necessary to commercialise their technology solution. There is no limit on maximum investment raised.

The Judging Process
The Competition has a panel of Judges spanning a wide range of disciplines – from commercialisation experts, to intellectual property lawyers, industry specialists and more. Entrants will first complete a brief online entry form to articulate their unique selling proposition and why their product/solution it is better than other alternatives? Following a first round of screening, Semi Finalists will be shortlisted.

From there, Semi Finalists are appointed mentors (separate from the Judging panel) to help them construct and tailor a concise Business Plan as part of the second round of judging.

Judges then review and select Finalists based on their Business Plan submissions. The end goal is to select those companies with the greatest global potential.

Competition Founder and Managing Director of Australian CleanTech, John O’Brien said: “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the Competition process is much like a free business audit, where experts from right across Australia take an objective look at your business and unravel its potential. Every SME with a vision to expand globally should be a part of this competition.”

Chairman of Impact Technology Ventures, Patrick Mooney said: “We want to thank John for building such an important part of the Australian national ecosystem. ITV is honoured to pick up the baton and our objective is to raise the international profile of Australian deep technology companies; and through the 2018 Competition, provide access to mentors, partners and investors they otherwise could not reach.”

How to Enter
Interested companies can apply online via the Competition website: austechcomp.com. The first round application takes only 10 minutes to complete. The Australian Technologies Competition is organised by Impact Technology Ventures.

About the Australian Technologies Competition (ATC)
Started in 2011, the Australian Technologies Competition provides a platform to showcase Australia’s best and brightest businesses. Collaborating with industry and experts across a wide range of growth industries, he program assesses, mentors, and promotes innovative and emerging technologies that have the greatest global potential.

Website www.austechcomp.com
Twitter @AustTechComp
Facebook @AusTechComp
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About Impact Technology Ventures (ITV)
ITV is a business acceleration company that assists expansion stage companies (scale-ups) in the clean energy, agritech, water and health sectors to commercialise and expand in Asia. Through strategy advice, mentoring, team building, partner matching investment sourcing and hands-on sales and marketing support, ITV provides the missing pieces to companies looking to grow rapidly beyond the Australian market.
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