A unique monitoring system to secure water quality at major events


Veolia’s specialised environmental monitoring unit, Endetec, has recently put into operation its sophisticated real-time monitoring technologies at high-profile events.

Endetec_Project photo_Secure Water Quality (1)Spread across sensitive points in a water network, they continuously measure the key parameters of water quality; pressure, chlorine, temperature and conductivity in line with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. The system identifies in real time the introduction of contaminants in water networks.

Launched at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, and then adopted at Wembley stadium during the London 2012 Olympic Games, the monitoring solution is based on smart sensors, autonomous energy and communications. The sensors are continuously collecting data and transmitting it to a secure central server through a modular communication system, via radio or GSM.

Reaction time is critical, so 24/7 supervision is provided by Veolia experts who monitor and analyze streaming data. In case of an alert, experts identify the source and determine the accidental or intentional contamination of water. If abnormal changes in water quality remain unexplained, an alert is sent immediately to the authorities responsible for the event.

This monitoring solution can be implemented on a temporary basis, in the case of major events, or permanently, wherever safety and operational safety of drinking water is essential.

Veolia was recently recognized for its innovative approach during the “Francophonie Games” in Nice that took place in September 2013 and brought together three thousand artists and athletes from French speaking countries. The monitoring system was used in cooperation with the French security forces’ anti-terrorist RAID unit, specialized in fighting NRBC threats (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical). This was the first time such a solution had been deployed against possible terrorist attacks. Veolia received the 2013 Private Security Award for “Best Innovation”.

This solution has been adopted by the European Commission-sponsored SECUR’EAU drinking water project, whose purpose is the security and decontamination of drinking water distribution systems following a deliberate contamination.