Advocating for change – Darlene Winston


When the largest domestic security company in Australia, with over 85 years experience in protecting Australian businesses, creates a position of General Manager of People and Culture, it is a loud signal that the traditional paradigm is rapidly changing in the industry. SNP Security’s Darlene Winston understands what she’s talking about when it comes to women working in the security sector. Historically, the security sector has been a non-traditional environment for women and it is Darlene’s role to drive the diversity agenda through the business and ultimately the sector.

“Already a vast amount of work has been done developing women in our business,” says Darlene. At SNP there is a very clear strategy that enables the attraction, selection and retention of females at all levels.

We support all female employees to thrive through growth and development opportunities and various other frameworks that provide a voice to our female employees.

“We are proactive in this space and benchmark in sectors that have overcome some of the issues security currently faces”, says Darlene. “One way we encourage people to grow is by hosting regular women’s networking events with guest speakers.”

We also encourage participation of women as Union delegates, Occupational Health and Safety committees. At SNP it’s about inclusion and diversity within our family company corporate values.

I am also seeing this shift currently being driven by the market.

Increasingly, businesses engaging security services are requesting a gender balance.

“Naturally, diversity in a team drives better business outcomes. This is why we understand the value of women in our workplace” Darlene adds.

As a company, SNP believes that it is their progressive approach that is linked to their corporate values that sets their services apart from others. “Our business and my role is about people and engaging and building your capability is key to the quality of what you can provide. Women are integral to our success.” says Darlene.

In addition to strong leadership, Darlene also believes a vital part of her role is engaging the wider community, “Our people are vital in our communities and the work they do is very important. We want our employees to feel proud of their contributions and to be recognised for this.

I understand the tireless work that our people do and I want all of our employees to feel proud about that contribution, that is what inspires me in this role.

Building careers in security that enable people to learn, grow and be proud of their work is Darlene’s passion. What keeps Darlene passionate is the senior sponsorship and commitment to the agenda for women.