Airbus on a High Following World Cup Success


Airbus is celebrating after what it says was a successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup 2022 as communication technology partner of the global sporting event which took place in Qatar.

Airbus says it deployed its mission-critical communication and collaboration solutions for use by security, public safety, and emergency personnel assigned to different key points and areas in, and around the stadiums and the metro.

The resilient Tetra network, the Tactilon Dabat terminals, as well as more than 20,000 reliable radios, and Tactilon Agnet were used to secure various areas, and guarantee the safety of the international football teams and spectators.

Security personnel and first responders, including 5,000 policemen, benefitted from the technologies’ multimedia-enriched features such as video and text and voice messaging as well as emergency calls and location tracking.

“In any mega events such as the World Cup, collaboration is key in the area of security and safety. Our mission-critical solutions helped connect the first responders during the football tournament, giving them the possibility to carry out their jobs efficiently. Airbus is delighted to have contributed to Qatar’s efforts to guarantee everyone’s safety, from the footballers, to fans and spectators, as well as those who work behind the scenes.” Selim Bouri, Vice-president for Airbus Secure Land Communications in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, explained.

“We were fully aware of the great lengths that went to security and safety planning and training, and to be picked as the sporting spectacle’s communication technology partner was an honor and a proud moment for us,” Bouri added.