AISA members vote to return Board of Directors


The votes cast at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held on Friday the 24th of March have been counted and AISA members have voted to return the organisation’s Board of Directors.

In total, a participation rate of 13.1 per cent was achieved and represents more than double the votes reached at the December 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Of the over 350 AISA members who took part, a majority at 53.9 per cent voted ‘no’ to removing all current directors from their positions. 41.5 per cent voted ‘yes’ and a further 4.6 per cent were present and abstained.

These numbers come from the final audited results, approved by legal. The EGM voting process was overseen by Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers to ensure full transparency, and provide third party assurance that due process was followed.

The Board of Directors advised members it has set in motion several lines of enquiry to better understand the organisation’s options. In addition, key dates to note;
• March 31 – BrisSEC2017 – This year will focus on ‘Ubiquitous Security’ which will include both management and technically focused streams. While the event is sold out, we will develop a report to capture the key highlights
• March 31 – AISA will open its call for papers for AISA’s Annual National Conference
• August – AISA’s AGM will be called providing three months’ notice to members
• October 11th/12th – AISA National Conference 2017
A media release announcing the EGM results will be distributed to press this afternoon, once all AISA members have been directly advised.

For any suggestions, feedback or for those interested in becoming more involved in AISA you can email