Annual Healthcare Threat Landscape report – Proofpoint


To analyse the changes taking place in the threat landscape since the COVID-19 crisis began at the start of this year, Proofpoint has released its annual Healthcare Threat Landscape report.

Proofpoint Threat Research studied thousands of campaign threats across millions of messages. In the report, Proofpoint has outlined its findings, providing data, real-world examples, and insights to shed light on threats that have targeted the healthcare industry this year.​

Highlights include:​

  • Proofpoint identified 35 threat actors, most of them cybercrime rings, in campaigns against healthcare  ​
  • In 77% of all threat campaigns in the first half of 2020, at least one healthcare customer received a malicious message
  • In March 2020, healthcare organisations received about 16% more malicious messages than any other industry, with a pivot to COVID-19 themes
  • COVID-19 themes reached a peak in March 2020 and have continued a slow decline since May

To access the full report please visit here