Applus+ ACQUIRES jtsec


Applus has announced the acquisition of jtsec.

The volume of devices connected to the internet is fast growing and reaches all aspects of life including payment systems, routers, vehicles and consumer products. Cybersecurity assessment of these products is increasingly necessary. Applus+ bought Lightship in February.

Applus+ Laboratories is an important provider of testing and certification services for sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, IT and Construction. It has approximately 2,000 employees and offers its services on a global scale from its network of laboratories, located in Europe, Asia and North America.

In cybersecurity, Applus+ Laboratories provides assessment and certification services for high assurance products: electronic ID and passports, electronic payment systems and telecommunications.

Jordi Brufau, Executive Vice President of the Laboratories division, says: “jtsec is well-known in the sector for its outstanding professionals. We are extremely pleased to have them onboard to face together the upcoming challenges in the fast expanding world of the Internet of Things”.