Argus TrueID acquires Biometric Identity Systems


Argus TrueID has announced the acquisition of Queensland based Biometric Identity Solutions (BIS)

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and with offices the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and United Arab Emirates, Argus TrueID has become a leader in the rapidly growing global biometrics marketplace.

Ken Farrow, Executive Chairman, is excited by the acquisition of BIS as part of a wider mergers and acquisition strategy that Argus TrueID is currently pursuing. “BIS have long been recognised for their biometric expertise, particularly in Justice and Corrections sector.” Farrow said, “With the synergies that exist between the two organisations, it made sense to bring BIS into the wider Argus TrueID group, contributing to our ability to grow both here and internationally”.

“We will continue to find new opportunities for biometrics solutions across a range of industries. Any challenge that requires certainty of identity can be solved with biometrics. Our focus is to continue to educate the market that, by placing identity at the centre of your organisation, we can help to reduce risk, improve processes, enhance the user experience, and most importantly, deliver bottom line cost savings” Farrow added.

BIS will continue trading under their existing brand name, with the two organisations to collaborate closely on research and development, while looking to streamline operations across sales and other operational departments.