AuSec2018 – 4th Australian Security Summit – Sponsor Opportunities


National security, intelligence and espionage are never far from the headlines due to events abroad and significant developments at home. However, given the sensitivity of the topic, identifying – let alone engaging – key stakeholders within these organisations is increasingly difficult.

Australia’s national security architecture consists of various federal government departments and agencies, with links to state government counterparts. Led by the Office of National Assessments, the principal departments concerned with national security include the Departments of Defence, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Trade, Border Force, Australian Federal Police, and ACIC.

You can meet all of these – and more – at the 4th Australian Security Summit with key speakers including:

  • Department of Defence, Dr Richard Davis, Chief Technology Officer National Security DST GROUP,
  • Ian McCartney, Assistant Commissioner Counter Terrorism, Australian Federal Police
  • Rochelle Thorne, Chief Information Officer, ACIC
  • Sharon Huey Assistant Commissioner, Enforcement Command, Australian Border Force
  • Richard Sadleir, First Assistant Secretary, International Security Division DFAT
  • Cameron Ashe, First Assistant Secretary, Intelligence Division, Intelligence & Capability Group, Department of Home Affairs Senior Representative, Office of National Assessments

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View a copy of the latest agenda – link too