Australia reports $316 in fraud transactions, while fraud continues to dominate digital fraud


The consumer experience is increasingly digital. As malicious actors exploit this fact, digital fraud threats grow in frequency and impact customer engagement channels.

RSA Security has released its Q3 2018 Fraud Report, providing a snapshot of the latest cyber security trends associated with digital fraud.

Key findings and highlights:

  • While the average transaction value in Australia and New Zealand is $173, the average fraud transaction for ANZ is $316
  • In Q3, Australia drops from the top 10 hosting fraud countries list. This is following a placing of 7th in the Q2 report
  • Phishing continues to dominate the digital fraud environment, accounting for over 50% of fraud attack types globally
  • Vishing, or voice phishing, is a phishing attack where fraudsters use the telephone to misrepresent their affiliation or authority, is evolving. The report reveals an increase in new vishing called “reverse vishing,” where the victim will call up the fraudster
  • Mobile application and mobile browser transactions made up 73% of overall fraud transactions globally

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