Australian Cyber Security Centre cyber security survey – Commentary from Michael Shepherd


Michael Shepherd, Director – Regional Managing Director, Australia & NZ, International Services & Solutions at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

“The Australian Government’s cyber security survey released by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has told us that Australian businesses have good protections in place for cyber security, but there is more to do to protect Australia’s critical infrastructure.”

“It’s worrying that just over half (51 per cent) of all organisations surveyed said they tend to be alerted to possible breaches by external parties before they detect it themselves. It’s clear that businesses need to do a better job in detecting and diagnosing threats.”

“Crucial to improving cyber resiliency within our critical infrastructure is elevating the importance of threat intelligence and analysis within the industry. The first step to this is creating a culture of information sharing between government and the private sector. The two-way provision of reliable and timely information is critical to help better protect national and critical infrastructure companies from the growing number of cyber-espionage, denial-of-service and other attacks that threaten these organisations.”

“The BAE Systems 2017 Cyber Defence Monitor found that 83 per cent of the Australian C-Suite wanted greater intelligence about threats within their industry, and 63 per cent wanted more information about emerging threats in general.”

“We welcome regular publication of this survey, as it adds further insights into evolving cyber threats, and enhances the ACSC’s position as an effective conduit between the private sector and government.“