Avon Barrier introduce their super shallow HVM bollard


Avon Barrier LogoAvon Barrier has introduced what is believed to be the world’s first impact tested super shallow bollard with a foundation depth of just 100mm.

The Avon Resilience SSF100 bollard has the shallowest of foundations, overcoming foundation depth restrictions that sites can face during installation.

The Resilience SSF100 bollard was physically tested in an array of 3 bollards to the IWA 14-1:2013 impact test using a N2A 7200kg vehicle travelling at 64kph.

Avon Barrier is an international company, manufacturing and installing Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions, to protect sensitive sites and critical infrastructure against aggressive vehicle attack.

Paul Jeffrey, Avon Barrier’s Managing Director commented “The development of Avon’s Resilience bollard is a complementary solution to our wide range of impact tested products. Easily installed with the minimum of disruption, its unique design not only accommodates uneven surfaces or inclines in arrangements, but also angles or curves in bollard lines.”

The super shallow foundation bollard has an unobtrusive appearance, ideal for sites where building stand-off is required but also where high volumes of pedestrians require access, for example, sports stadiums, airports and retail centres.

With minimal disruption required during installation, this makes the SSF100 ideal to specify to protect existing infrastructure and also new and proposed builds. The bollard can be customised to blend in to surrounding environments, with a variety of sleeve options, including stainless steel and ornate finishes. Ground finishes surrounding the bollard, can include block paving, concrete or tarmac.

For more information regarding the Avon Resilience SSF100 bollard please contact the sales team at sales@avon-barrier.co.uk  or visit the website www.avon-barrier.co.uk