BlackBerry unveils Unified Endpoint Security (UES) solution for ai-powered cybersecurity


Blackberry has announced a new Cyber Suite, comprised of four products: BlackBerry® Protect Desktop for endpoint protection (EPP), BlackBerry® Optics for endpoint detection and response (EDR), newly introduced BlackBerry® Protect Mobile for mobile threat defense (MTD), and newly introduced BlackBerry® Persona Desktop for user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA).

BlackBerry Cyber Suite telemetry gathers across mobile, desktop, and server endpoints, and combining that with user behavior analytics and provides cybersecurity protection for all devices – mobile and desktop – BYOD and corporate – managed and unmanaged. It can be used with any unified endpoint management (UEM) solution already in place or with none at all.

“Organisations are looking for more effective methods to prevent advanced and emerging cybersecurity threats before they happen, while reducing the complexity of detecting and responding to them when they occur,” said Billy Ho, Executive Vice President of BlackBerry Spark. “With the global shift to a remote workforce, the diverse nature of users with multiple devices, and the increasing risk of mobile attacks, it’s ever more critical for organisations to have full visibility into all endpoint activity across the infrastructure.”

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