Building the AI Data Foundation


In this interview, Renen Hallak, Founder and CEO, Vast Data navigates the dynamic landscape of AI adoption and evolution, tracing its trajectory from the early days in 2016 to today’s diverse applications across various business sectors.

Prior to founding VAST, Renen led the architecture and development of an all-flash array at XtremIO, from inception to over a billion dollars in revenue while acting as VP R&D and leading a team of over 200 engineers. He holds a BA and an MSc in Computer Science, both summa cum laude.

Central to Renen’s discourse is the pivotal role of data transformation in unlocking value within organizations in the AI era, and how businesses leverage vast unstructured data to derive valuable insights to gain a competitive edge.

Renen also notes the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in terms of cybersecurity. He delves into the dual role of AI as both a potential vulnerability and a defense mechanism against cyber threats.

Given the significance of scalable infrastructure in supporting the growing demands of AI-driven applications, Renen highlights platforms like Vast Data, which offer scalable solutions capable of handling vast amounts of data with high performance and minimal latency.

Recorded 13 March 2024, 11am. Singapore Shangri La Hotel, Breakfast Session with VAST Data

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