CCTV & Surveillance: Axis Communication & Milestone Cure Chemist Warehouse Surveillance Ailments


Axis Communications announced that its IP Network Cameras are being used to monitor Chemist Warehouse’s Australian retail network, as part of a major security system expansion supported by Milestone using its security software and surveillance management solution for Chemist Warehouse’s expanding number of locations across the country.

Chemist Warehouse has used Axis cameras for over five years with open platform IP network video software from Milestone systems monitoring the surveillance system remotely. Currently, Chemist Warehouse has deployed a range of 1,500 Axis cameras across its 170 nationwide stores, including the AXIS M3014, P3344-VE, P1344 and P1346. An additional 1,000 Axis indoor and outdoor IP network cameras will be installed in Chemist Warehouse’s 40 new store locations by the end of 2011.