CCTV & Surveillance: IndigoVision IP Video Helps Keep Delhi Buses on Time.


Delhi, India’s second largest city, has developed an innovative Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that uses IndigoVision’s complete IP Video surveillance solution to help ensure its smooth operation. BRT is a high-quality, high-capacity bus service that travels on exclusive lanes along designated routes. An example of its advanced traffic management technology is the ability of BRT buses to signal a green light at an upcoming intersection to stay on schedule, reducing travel time by up to 30%. Besides giving priority to buses, the system also provides dedicated lanes for pedestrian and nonmotorised vehicles like cyclists and rickshaws. By 2020 the local Government plans to build 26 BRT corridors in and around Delhi, covering a total distance of 310 km. Currently there are 7 corridors completed under the first phase of the project.

The IP Video system was designed and installed by IndigoVision’s local Authorised Partner, Neural Integrated Systems Pvt Ltd for Siemens India Limited, the main contractor for the traffic management and signalling system.

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