CIVSEC 2016 is an international forum dealing with the acutely relevant, and inextricably interconnected, imperatives ofcivil security and civil defence in the preservation of sovereignty, the protection of people and the safety of communities.
It confronts the complex and increasingly interdependent challenges of the control of borders, the maintenance of law and order, the prevention of terrorism, the defence against threats to society, the protection of people and communities, the security of infrastructure and resources, the provision of emergency services, the response to disasters, the coordination of relief and the management of crises.
CIVSEC 2016 is reserved for those with a professional, business or operational involvement in the safety, policing emergency services, civil security and related government or industry sectors.

NO ADMISSION FEES are payable by accredited delegates as CIVSEC 2016 is being organised on a pro-bono basis in the interest of the advancement of civil security and civil defence…… ALL SESSIONS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

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The Summit 1000 – 1300 Tuesday 31 May

CIVSEC 2016 will commence with a high-level summit on ‘Protecting Our Communities Against Threat – Safety, Security and Sovereignty in the 21st Century’ on Tuesday 31 May from 1000 – 1300.
The CIVSEC 2016 Summit will set the scene for the conference, seminar and workshop sessions that follow, and ignite the intellectual energy that will drive them. It will consist of a panel of nationally and internationally renowned thought leaders in the domains of security, national sovereignty and the protection of communities.
Summit speakers will include:

– Professor Peter Leahy, Director, National Security Institute – University of Canberra
– Deputy Commissioner National Security, Michael Phelan – Australian Federal Police
– Mr Peter Jennings, Executive Director – Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)
– Mr Ian Fletcher, former Director – Government Communications Security Bureau, New Zealand
– Dr Kumar Ramakrishna, Head of Policy Studies – S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang      Technological University, Singapore
– Professor Greg Barton, Chair in Global Islamic Politics – Deakin University
– Professor Amin Saikal, Director, Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies – Australian National University
– Mr Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor – The Australian (Invited)

The summit will be followed by a headline conference on Border Protection (Border 21) and a congress of specialist conferences, seminars and workshops.

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Border 21 1400 – 1700 Tuesday 31 May & 0930 – 1630 Wednesday 1 June

Organised by Curtin University’s Department of Social Sciences and Security Studies, BORDER 21 will address the politico-military aspects of border security in the 21st century and the evolving threats to border security and national sovereignty, including organised crime (narco-crime, human trafficking, piracy and resource poaching), policing and response options.
BORDER 21 will be chaired by Dr Alexey Muraviev, Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Security Studies, Curtin University. Presenting at BORDER 21 are:

– Secretary Michael Pezzullo – Department of Immigration & Border Protection
– Dr Ben Evans, Assistant Secretary Strategy – Department of Immigration and Border Protection
– Mr William Ries, Commander Operational Strategies – Australian Border Force
– Captain Michael McArthur, Director Sea Power Centre Australia – Royal Australian Navy
– Dr Dalbir Ahlawat, Department of Security Studies & Criminology – Macquarie University
– Vice Admiral (ret’d) Anup Singh, India
– Dr John Coyne, Senior Analyst – Border Security Program – Australian Strategic Policy Institute
– Dr Mark Briskey, Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences and Security Studies – Curtin University
– Associate Professor Paul Battersby – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
– Mr Karsten von Hoesslin, Senior Analyst – Risk Intelligence
– Dr Kumar Ramakrishna, Head of Policy Studies – S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang  Technological University, Singapore
– Mr Hai Tranh Luong – People’s Police Academy, Vietnam

Policing and Security 1330 – 1700 Tuesday 31 May

policingCIVSEC 2016 supporting seminars and workshops Convened by the Graduate School of Policing and Security, Charles Sturt University, this session includes presentations and a workshop that address aspects of counter-terrorism and policing, radicalisation and multijurisdictional responses.
Presented by Associate Professor Nick O’Brien, Head of Graduate School of Policing and Security – Charles Stuart University. Associate Professor O’Brien and the Belgian Ambassador, Mr Jean-Luc Bodson, will open the session with a discussion on the terrorist attacks in Brussels recently, followed by an interactive Q&A session. With supporting presentations by:

– Dr Richard Shortt, Graduate School of Policing and Security – Charles Sturt University
– Mr Levi West, Director of Terrorism Studies, Graduate School of Policing and Security – Charles  Sturt University
– Australian Federal Police

Cyber Security – Risk and Policy 1330 – 1700 Tuesday 31 May

cyber securityConvened by the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), this Cyber Risk Seminar will address aspects of: Cyber risk and security, including data and communications integrity; resilience; organisational and individual security; and business continuity. Presented by Mr Damien Manuel, Australian Information Security Association. With supporting presentations by:

– Mr John Leiseboer – QunitessenceLabs
– Mr Ian Fletcher, former Director – Government Communications Security Bureau, New Zealand

Cyber Risk and Protective Security Seminar 1330 – 1700 Tuesday 31 May

Cyber riskThis seminar will draw together aspects of physical and cyber security within the context of Australia’s national infrastructure. The Director of Melbourne’s new Oceania Cyber Security Centre will address the need for cyber education and training, based upon cutting edge research.
Data 61/CSIRO will also present on aspects of resilience. Data 61 is the largest data innovation group in Australia, bringing together CSIRO’s digital productivity team and National ICT Australia (NICTA); it is unrivalled in its intellectual capital and its network within the global technology marketplace. Its research focus includes big data and analytics, imaging and visualisation, wireless and networks and cyber security. The discussion will be chaired by Professor Christopher Leckie, Department of Computing and Information Systems – University of Melbourne. With supporting presentations by:

– Associate Professor Carsten Rudolph, Faculty of IT & Director – Oceania Cyber Security Centre – Monash  University
– Data 61/CSIRO (Invited)
– Cyber Security Growth Centre – Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (Invited)
– Cyber Policy and Intelligence – Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Disaster Relief and Emergency Management 0930 – 1630 Wednesday 1 June

disaster ReliefFeaturing the Australian Civil- Military Centre (ACMC), this series of discussions and workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to identify challenges and points of friction that inhibit coordination in multiagency and multinational crisis response. The Headline presentation ‘Achieving Resilience through Interagency Cooperation: the Civil Military interface’ will be led by Dr Alan Ryan from the Australian Civil- Military Centre. With supporting presentations by:

– Mr Peter Willett, Australian Civil Military Centre
– Mr Glenn Keys, Executive Director and co-founder, ASPEN Medical
– Mr Greg Elliott, Australian Civil Military Centre

This session will build on the preceding Emergency Response and Management Seminar (1330 – 1700
Tuesday 31 May).

Border and Transport Security 0930 – 1230 Wednesday 1 June

borderTransport security is a complex, multi-layered undertaking, regulated by what sometimes appear to be conflicting bodies of law. This seminar addresses the complexity of issues confronting the transport industry as it navigates its way through complex systems of State, National and International laws, treaties
and conventions. The keynote address is by Assistant Secretary Wayne Terpstra, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. With supporting presentations by:

– Dr John Coyne, Senior Analyst – Border Security Program – Australian Strategic Policy Institute
– Professor David Widdowson, Centre for Customs & Excise Studies – Charles Sturt University
– Office of Transport Security, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, State of the
Industry – the Asia Pacific Perspective

Cyber Security, Resilience and Business Continuity 0930 – 1700 Wednesday 1 June

cyber security, resilienceThe ongoing threat to Australia’s cyber interests is addressed in this seminar. The cyber threat pervades all sectors of society, government and industry. This short seminar will examine two critical aspects of preparation for and response to the cyber threat: training a new generation of security professionals; and understanding what is a priority to protect.The seminar is presented by:

– Dr Rajiv Shah, BAE Systems – Applied intelligence.
– Mr Michael Thompson – LINUS Information Security Solutions
– Mr Chris Gatford – HackLabs
– Dr Paul Johnson, Procurement & Programs – Defence Science & Technology Group

This seminar will also be supported by a workshop presented by HackLabs.

Innovation and Technology Seminar 0930 – 1530 Wednesday 1 June

InnovationPresented by the Australian Association of Unmanned Systems (AAUS), this seminar addresses the issues
facing the utility of unmanned aerial vehicles and other autonomous aerial vehicles across the domains of security, public safety, regulation, communications and cyber interface. The discussion will be chaired by Mr Greg Tyrrell, Executive Officer – Australian Association of Unmanned Systems. With supporting presentations by:

– Dr Reece Clothier – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
– Mr Anthony Patterson – Cobham Australia
– Dr Derek Rogers – SAAB Australia
– Mr Peter Smith – Textron
– Dr Malcolm Shore – Australian Information Security Association
– Mr Simon Hooper – QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd
– Ms Peggy MacTavish, Executive Director – Australian Association of Unmanned Systems
– Mr Robert Dane, CEO – Ocius Technology


Emergency Response and Management 1330 – 1700 Tuesday 31 May

ERMThis seminar will address the issues facing the management and response to emergency, crisis and disaster.
It is aligned to the Disaster Relief and Emergency Management seminar presented by Dr Alan Ryan from the Australian Civil – Military Centre on Wednesday 1 June (0930 – 1630). With supporting presentations by:

– Commissioner Craig Lapsley – Emergency Management Victoria
– Mr Stuart Ellis, CEO – Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC)
– Mr Gerard Griffin, General Manager Venue and Events Services – Melbourne Cricket Club
– Ms Sue Wilkinson, Former London Metropolitan Police – London Olympics Security (Invited)

Protection and Technology Workshop 1530 – 1630 Wednesday 1 June

ProtectionThis workshop, convened by Security Professionals Australasia (SPA) and the Security Professionals Register – Australasia (SPR-A) will address specific aspects of cyber security, both physical and electronic, protective security and organisational resilience. It also addresses the challenge of developing a population of skilled and qualified security professionals alongside the general topic of security as a discipline, including professional issues such as ethics, professional standards, knowledge and education. The workshop will be chaired by Mr Jason Brown, President – Security Professionals Australia (SPA).