Commvault Secures Former NSA Lead


Commvault has appointed veteran security leader Alex Janas as its new Field Chief Technology Officer overseeing security.

“The line between IT operations and security operations is blurring, creating an IT collision of new vulnerabilities that enterprises need to properly control,” said Rahul Pawar, CTO, Global Services and Solutions, Commvault. “Alex’s experience going head-to-head with the toughest cyber threats out there gives us the invaluable insight to develop an offensive security posture and help keep our customers safe from these ongoing, pervasive autonomous threats.”

Janas comes to Commvault with nearly 20 years of private sector cybersecurity experience, as well as offensive security skills he developed as an Analyst, Operator, and Technical Director while working at the National Security Agency.

He is a proud recipient of the Master Operator designation, a prestigious honour bestowed upon a select cadre of Computer Network Operations (CNO) personnel.

His career stands as a testament to his deep expertise, unwavering commitment to national security, and protection of the private sector while leading and mentoring other experts in the continually evolving field of cybersecurity.

“The rapidly evolving threat landscape forces defenders to react and respond on their adversaries’ timetable and magnitude,” said Janas. “To effectively challenge this asymmetry, we need to create strategies that increase the operational risks and costs for attackers and minimize the fallout for victims, while also scaling and keeping pace with an attacker’s adaptations. Being a part of Commvault allows me to apply my offensive cybersecurity experience to enhance a product that is a pivotal layer in a company’s overarching cybersecurity strategy.”