CrowdStrike to Acquire SecureCircle to Enforce Zero Trust Data Protection


CrowdStrike Holdings has announced it has agreed to acquire SecureCircle.

With this acquisition, CrowdStrike will extend its industry leading Zero Trust endpoint security device and identity capabilities to include data. The all cash transaction is expected to close during CrowdStrike’s fiscal fourth quarter, subject to customary closing conditions.

CrowdStrike has redefined security for the cloud era by securing the epicentre of enterprise risk – the endpoint. With SecureCircle’s technology, CrowdStrike will modernize data protection and enable customers to enforce Zero Trust at the device level, the identity level, and at the data level. By joining forces and leveraging SecureCircle’s innovative capabilities, CrowdStrike plans to solve a complex problem that vexes all organizations, data protection, with a simple solution – enforcing Zero Trust control at multiple levels, all delivered through CrowdStrike’s lightweight Falcon agent on the endpoint.

Zero Trust Data Protection Reimagined

The market for data loss prevention (DLP) and related technologies is estimated to be approximately $3 billion in 2021*. Despite billions of dollars invested in legacy DLP tools, organizations continue to experience data breaches at an alarming rate from accidental leaks, ransomware, sophisticated attacks and more. DLP is a failed technology and customers need a solution to protect data without impacting the user experience.

With SecureCircle’s technology, CrowdStrike plans to reimagine data protection – by enforcing encryption on data in all three states (in transit, at rest and in use), customers will be able to protect data on, from and to the endpoint. Combined with CrowdStrike Zero Trust Assessment, customers will also be able to control data access and usage policies for each user based on their Zero Trust score, enabling dynamic risk mitigation.

“Data loss prevention has suffered from a lack of innovation and legacy tools have completely failed to live up to the promise of preventing breaches. At the same time, the endpoint has become the focal point for how data is accessed, used, shared and stored,” said George Kurtz, co-founder and chief executive officer of CrowdStrike. “CrowdStrike will be setting a new standard for endpoint-based data protection by connecting Zero Trust enforcement to the device, the user identity and, with this acquisition, the data users are accessing and using.”

“We are excited to join the CrowdStrike family, and integrate SecureCircle’s revolutionary data protection solutions with the industry leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection. The endpoint in today’s enterprise is everything, and coupling our cloud-native approach to protecting sensitive data with CrowdStrike’s industry leading Zero Trust endpoint security will enable customers to enforce Zero Trust on the endpoint across all levels,” said Jeff Capone, chief executive officer at SecureCircle.