Cyber Security Predictions 2020: Key Trends


Over 2019 the Huntsman Security team has seen a number of trends develop which may impact your organisation’s operation and exposure to risk.

The team has released a White Paper Predictions 2020 – Looking forward to next year in cyber security to share with you. Click here to download the paper.

The key predictions are:

  1. Growth in the MSSP market;
  2. RegTech will drive the digital transformation of compliance;
  3. Privacy and security risks will become reputational;
  4. Risks will be measured by business outcomes; compliance will be a means to an end;
  5. Merger & Acquisition due diligence will increase in focus on cyber hygiene;
  6. Cyber insurance will evolve;
  7. Audit rules will drive greater automation;
  8. International collaboration on supply chain risk assurance.