Darktrace Enterprise Immune System Booster


Darktrace has announced a multinational electronics corporation has signed a million-dollar deal with Darktrace to ensure its business is protected from sophisticated and fast-moving cyber-attacks.

The company, which has over 250,000 employees across over 70 countries, has deployed Darktrace Enterprise Immune System to defend the business from a growing level of advanced cyber-attacks. It trusts Darktrace’s AI to interrupt these threats rapidly as they arise, while business operations continue as normal.

Digital security and privacy protection sit at the forefront of the electronics industry, which today is faced with the challenge of providing secure, high-performing and highly digitized products such as smart devices to the masses. These companies are tasked with protecting their own technologies and operations while also building secure and reliable systems into the goods they are selling to consumers. The total visibility provided by Darktrace over the business, from the manufacturing plant through to the corporate network, is vital for addressing such a complex cyber challenge.

“Darktrace is thrilled to welcome this leading electronics corporation to its customer community,” said Poppy Gustafsson OBE, CEO of Darktrace. “This industry brings together retail, manufacturing and technology, and is battling an evolving threat landscape as attackers continue to innovate. Darktrace’s technology can not only detect threats but can fight back against them on an organisation’s behalf, empowering businesses to focus on doing what they do best.”