DigiCert Root CA Approved for Matter Device Attestation


DigiCert has announced today its Root Certificate Authority (CA) is approved by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (Alliance) for Matter device attestation. As the first Matter-approved root CA, also known as a Product Attestation Authority (PAA), DigiCert can now provide rapid time to market for smart home manufacturers looking to earn the Matter seal on their products.

A multi-year participant in Matter, DigiCert contributed its expertise to the security and attestation components of the standard and has the scalable technology to enable an efficient path to compliance.

“The introduction of Matter to the smart home industry is an exciting move that improves interoperability between devices and raises the bar for security, creating a more efficient and secure experience for consumers,” said DigiCert VP of IoT Security Mike Nelson. “DigiCert has been involved in building the Matter standard for several years, and we’ve already helped many leading companies evaluate their device attestation procedures using our test Certificate Authority. Now, with our PAA approved for production, we are ready to help customers save time in achieving Matter security compliance.”

Matter participants may gain the following benefits by partnering with DigiCert:

  • Accelerate time to market in achieving Matter compliance.
  • Save money by avoiding the costs of technology, maintenance, staffing and ongoing compliance.
  • Enjoy flexible deployment options, including on-premises, hosted or batch issuance.
  • Simplify management of device attestation certificates and product attestation intermediates through the DigiCert® IoT Device Manager.
  • Gain efficiencies using a scalable platform to sign and secure device updates.

“DigiCert has been an integral part of the development of the attestation policy for the Matter release and its inherent improvements in the security of the IoT space,” said Chris LaPre, Director of Technology at the Connectivity Standards Alliance. “Device attestation allows existing Matter devices to locally confirm new ones when they have been recognised by the local network, and quickly remove non-compliant devices when needed. Consumers are no longer under the burden of ensuring new devices are secure; it happens automatically.”