Episode 338 – Cybersecurity Complexity in the digital transformation journey


Cybersecurity has become too complex for most organisations. While every organisation wants the best cyber defences, few have the skilled resources to deliver them.

Almost every organisation has a strategic initiative driving their digital transformation journey. Customers need to be served digitally and remotely, rather than visiting physical locations. Employees need to remain productive despite needing to work from home. The nature of an organisations network changed fundamentally, and a much larger and more vulnerable attack surface was exposed to attackers using more sophisticated methods. The traditional response is to buy yet more cybersecurity technology further overwhelming security operations teams, which in many SME is a single person also responsible for many other IT tasks.

Despite organisations spending record budgets on cyber-defences, attackers are more successfully infiltrating networks and remaining undetected for longer. The current model isn’t working for most organisations.

That is why organisations are increasingly searching for an alternative path, that allows them to reduce risk, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Characteristics needed to achieve these 3 improvements are:

1. Security Operations Centre that includes proactive threat hunting and neutralization

2. Integrated cybersecurity defences allowing automated responses to security events, avoiding the need to involve a human thereby increasing time to response and increasing efficiency

3. Expert Cybersecurity Professionals available whenever required without the challenge and cost of hiring and retaining role such as incident responders, threat analysts and cyber threat hunters

4. Unified Management enabling the in-house team to work more efficiently at a single console

Sophos provide this Cybersecurity as a Service, built on 37 years expertise securing organisations of all sizes, geographies and industries.

We speak with Hywel Morgan, Manager, Systems Engineering for ASEAN and Korea, Sophos.

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