Episode 92 – Not all hard drives are the same – Insight into the Seagate Hard Drives – SkyHawk, SkyHawk AI & EXOS range


Sam Zavaglia & Chris Cubbage

Having caught up with Sam Zavaglia, Senior Engineer with Seagate in Melbourne for the Security Expo 2018 we were really impressed with his level of insight into the Seagate range. We met up in Sydney to discuss the Seagate hard drive range and the technical aspects of how these hard drives are optimised for DVRs and NVRs and tuned for 24×7 workloads in capacities up to 10TB.

Equipped with enhanced ImagePerfect firmware, SkyHawk helps to minimise dropped frames and downtime with a workload rating 3× that of a desktop drive and is ready to record up to 90% of the time while supporting up to 64 HD cameras. The SkyHawk AI is built for scalable AI workloads and designed to support an additional 16 AI streams while simultaneously recording footage up to 64 HD cameras.

For more information visit https://www.seagate.com/au/en/internal-hard-drives/hdd/skyhawk/