ESET Extends Attack Vector Coverage Across Mobile Fleets

Cybersecurity solutions company ESET is rolling out its ESET Mobile Threat Defense Model (EMTD), which extends attack vector coverage to an organisation’s entire mobile fleet, ensuring comprehensive protection.
The Mobile Threat Defense module integrates seamlessly with the ESET PROTECT Platform. This integration ensures unified security management and eliminates the need to juggle multiple consoles or platforms. The module comprehensively covers the mobile fleet attack vector with a one-to-one ratio to endpoints.
In addition, the introduction of support for Microsoft Entra ID for Mobile Device Management simplifies the device enrollment process. It reduces it to a single token creation for the entire organisation. This streamlined method, which replaces listing devices or creating unique tokens for each device, significantly reduces administrative overheads.
Once enrolled, users are quickly authenticated via the Microsoft sign-in page, resulting in the automatic installation of ESET Endpoint Security for Android and connection to the ESET PROTECT Platform. This registration process, combined with the comprehensive benefits of the ESET Mobile Threat Defense module, improves the security posture.
In addition, ESET LiveGuard Advanced, available to certain customers, now offers enhanced behavioural reporting for EDR/XDR customers. This provides greater insight into the sandbox system’s activity with a detailed description of the behaviour of suspicious samples of their analysis.
This enhancement ensures customers have comprehensive insights and detailed context for more effective incident response and system analysis. This is especially useful for security operators such as cybersecurity and threat analysts, security engineers, and threat responders.
ESET Server Security also introduces a firewall specifically designed for Windows servers, as well as vulnerability and patch management with manual patch management and a 60-second delay on application process termination.
“With the introduction of these updates, we are setting a new standard for what businesses can expect in terms of both protection and ease of use,” said ESET’s Michal Jankech. “Our comprehensive mobile defence capabilities, as well as the in-depth analysis of suspicious sample behaviour, combined with our actionable reporting, enables customers to not just react to threats, but to proactively anticipate and prepare for them.”