ESET Launches Dedicated XDR Security Solutions


ESET has announced the launch of its B2B solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

ESET has been researching the cyber threat landscape and innovating digital security technology for decades and the new offering has been designed with both its customers and partners in mind. A combination of ESET’s long-standing use of machine learning and AI based technologies, its cloud reputation system called ESET LiveGrid.

The new offering will allow current and prospective MSP customers access to a simplified and unified digital security platform, with MSP-optimised solutions which are easy to use, help minimise their daily operations, and allow MSPs to provide top-rated security to help solidify their own customers’ trust. This is accomplished without compromising efficiency on behalf of quality, because the new platform integrates balanced breach prevention, detection and response capabilities, and comprehensive threat intelligence. It is modular, adaptable, and continuously innovated with each system upgrade.

ESET’s solution is flexible and scalable in design, future-proofing the MSPs’ multi tenancy model and helping clear security engineers’ overflowing helpdesk. In terms of making life easier for MSPs, ESET offers a flexible, self-service, zero-commitment billing model which keeps the pressure off and allows their MSP partners to ‘pay as they go’ monthly and for the subscriptions they actually need.

Kelly Johnson, ESET Australia Country Manager, says the ESET ecosystem is designed to work for MSPs, placing their needs at the centre. “At ESET, we know it is not enough to offer our MSP partners award-winning technology. In addition to delivering superior protection of customers, and flexible and easy to use products, we also provide a business model tailored to MSPs’ needs, so they can focus on what matters to their businesses. With this solution MSPs can now offer a complete range of solutions to their customers to prevent, detect and respond to cyberthreats. ESET Inspect and ESET Inspect Cloud up the game for MSPs, letting them offer superior network visibility and extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities.”