ExaGrid’s Deduplication Behind Commvault


ExaGrid has updated its integration with Commvault.

ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage had already been able to take in Commvault deduplicated data and further deduplicate it by a factor of 3X more than Commvault deduplication alone, resulting in significant storage savings.

Now, ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage appliances can take in Commvault compressed and deduplicated data and further deduplicate the data.

Commvault users can leave both compression and deduplication enabled in Commvault and ExaGrid can further deduplicate it – a benefit that no other backup storage solution can provide.

“ExaGrid continues to innovate its Tiered Backup Storage to not only support more than 25 backup applications and utilities, but to also support unique features and offer advanced integration with the leading backup applications to improve on performance and data protection,” said Bill Andrews, President and CEO of ExaGrid. “We are excited to offer more flexibility to Commvault users to configure their backups in whatever way works best in their unique environments while being able to take advantage of unique benefits that ExaGrid offers, including tripling the deduplication that Commvault provides.

“ExaGrid is the only company 100% focused on backup storage and we are committed to solving the challenges that organizations often face with their backups, including the economics,” said Andrews. “This new update with Commvault will over significant savings on storage and reduce the cost of the storage needed for longer-term retention of data.”

ExaGrid integrates with Commvault to provide the following:

  • Allows for Commvault compression to be enabled
  • Allows for Commvault deduplication to be enabled
  • Further deduplicates Commvault compressed and deduplicated data to save additional storage. Deduplication ratio is increased by 3X
  • Integration with Commvault Spill & Fill for automated job management
  • Can use Commvault replication to the DR site (DASH COPY), or use ExaGrid replication which only moves the deduplicated data for further WAN bandwidth savings
  • Can work with Commvault compression and deduplication disabled for faster backups and restores
  • Scale-out architecture allows users to simply add ExaGrid appliances (which include processor, memory, networking, and disk) as data grows, and keep a fixed-length backup window
  • ExaGrid has a non-network-facing tier that threat actors do not have access to, along with a delayed delete policy and immutable data objects in order to recover from a ransomware attack
  • Encryption is performed at the drive level in nanoseconds, freeing up the media server which results in a 20% to 30% performance increase
  • ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage includes dozens of security features over standard storage