Facial Recognition Applications – Takeaways from #Security2018 – Podcast Episode 90


In this episode Morry Morgan visited the ‘Security Exhibition & Conference’ in Melbourne  #Security2018 and met a number of Exhibitors providing facial recognition solutions. Canadian company, Senstar, highlights white and black lists, as well as the use of facial recognition for both security and retail sales.

Imagus talks about identifying ‘known associates’ and ‘persons of interest’ in solving crimes, as well as accuracy of recognition, and the use of facial recognition to provide better service to VIPs in hotels and casinos.

Morry talks to the Sydney start-up, Image Intelligence, and discusses deep learning and speed of recognition, and with Cognitec, a spinoff from Siemens, we discuss crime prevention and crowd control in airports and stadiums, as well as collection of anonymous marketing demographics.

If you have an interest in facial recognition, then you’ll enjoy this interview from the Security Exhibition & Conference 2018 in Melbourne. Recorded 26 July, 2018. #Security2018