Fortinet extends FortiEDR capabilities


Fortinet® has announced enhancements to the company’s FortiEDR solution, whose customer adoption has been growing exponentially. These include new MITRE ATT&CK tags for system activity, new managed detection and response (MDR) service options and the recently announced extended detection and response (XDR) capability.

With the latest additions, organisations of all sizes can now benefit from advanced endpoint protection with automated endpoint detection and response (EDR), including:

  • Cloud-native endpoint security: Helps secure workers’ computers on and off the network, providing visibility into and reduces the endpoint attack surface with a lightweight agent whose operation is transparent to users.
  • Integrated endpoint protection (EPP) with EDR: Not only does this approach prevent attacks pre- and post-execution, but can also detect threats that bypass the prevention layer and quickly respond to minimise business impact.
  • Managed detection and response (MDR) service: Delivers 24×7 threat monitoring, alert triage, remote response and environment tuning for additional expertise and insight.

Increased demand for real-time protection to thwart threats like ransomware

Ransomware attack trends continue to evolve and impact more and more organisations. From the middle to end of last year, FortiGuard Labs saw a sevenfold increase in volume of attacks. As modern ransomware attacks place data and lives at risk, organisations need to secure their environments and to protect critical infrastructure. To address these challenges, FortiEDR, as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, delivers patented ransomware protection without any dependency on shadow copies that the more sophisticated cyberattacks disable. Additional patented detect and defuse capabilities thwart other classes of advanced threat while maintaining high availability even in the midst of a security incident. This also buys valuable time needed for full incident response.

Protecting against a sophisticated threat landscape with FortiEDR

Unlike other endpoint protection solutions that rely on known threat intelligence to block attacks or blunt tools for detection and response, FortiEDR provides durable behaviour-based protection and ongoing analysis and automatable response that can roll back malicious changes without taking machines offline to re-image. Additionally, FortiEDR’s incident response playbooks enable organisations to easily pre-define common response actions based on endpoint groups, asset value and threats categorisation. This allows companies to take a risk-based approach to endpoint security, and speed the incident response process.

As proven by the latest MITRE test, FortiEDR leverages patented code tracing technology to track all system activities, identify at-risk behaviour and step in to block before damage is done. FortiEDR can then also unwind the damage and restore the system. This approach is more accurate, decreasing false positives, more durable as its harder to evade, and able to detect novel and zero day threats, including supply chain attacks.

Customers flock to FortiEDR for customisable and automatable response and remediation actions

Here’s what customers have to say about selecting FortiEDR to identify and stop breaches in real-time automatically and efficiently.

“As our infrastructure team was looking to protect our 330 servers housed in two data centres, the FortiEDR endpoint detection and response capabilities stood out. The solution’s advanced protection capabilities to detect potential threats in real time and automate threat response procedures with customisable playbooks was something we were looking for. We have peace of mind knowing that we have the Fortinet endpoint solutions in place, and the managed service is an additional safety net.”
– Joe Kuehl, district technology manager, Millard Public Schools

“With FortiEDR and the Fortinet Security Fabric, our security infrastructure will automatically block and tackle. In our legacy environment, if our endpoint solution detected something, internal staff had to enter it on the MSP’s help desk portal. It would take at least half a day for remediation efforts to begin, with a day or more until resolution. In contrast, if FortiEDR detects an issue, it will cut it off right away. The time to response is almost immediate. Also, because FortiEDR ties into the rest of the Fortinet Security Fabric, we will gain a better line of sight to our endpoints. Fortinet offers great technology at a great price, with great visibility across the whole stack.”
– Shaun Guthrie, senior director, IT, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA)