Future-Proofing Communications Security


SSH Communications Security launches SSH Zero Trust Suite, combining SSH’s communications security products into a passwordless, keyless, and borderless ecosystem solution.

Borderless means that today cybersecurity threat is equal in internet, extranet, and intranet environments.

Typical use cases:

  • Sharing sensitive information by email and secure workspaces
  • Managing access to critical resources and applications, e.g., secure third-party maintenance
  • Automated inter-application communication, such as automated bank transfers
  • Encrypted data transfer between data centers

Zero Trust Suite manages access and secrets in communications, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and accessible only to authorized individuals, also monitoring and auditing who does what and when in the invisible digital world.

While Suite supports traditional credential vaulting and rotation, it enables just-in-time authentication between people, applications, systems, networks, and clouds, eliminating the need to use passwords or SSH keys.

Modern and easy-to-use solution

Organizations can confidently exchange critical data, and Suite’s advanced security preserves data confidentiality, audibility, and proper control and monitoring of access.

A simple user experience is at the heart of the Zero Trust Suite. Users can enjoy an effortless and smooth authentication and access process. By eliminating passwords and incorporating biometric and other intuitive authentication methods, Suite ensures a user-friendly experience.

Cybersecurity needs to be borderless

Cyber threats are a global concern. Intranet, extranet, and the internet all have the same cyber threat exposure. Solutions like firewalls or demilitarized zones were designed when borders were assumed.

“Zero Trust Suite allows organizations to manage access and safeguard their secrets in critical communications, enabling just-in-time authentication without the need for passwords or keys or artificial borders. Scalable Zero Trust Suite offers unique value for our customers,” states SSH’s CEO, Dr. Teemu Tunkelo.