Harcor Security Seals New Tamper Evident Chamber Providing Greater Security For Cash and Documents


Harcor Security Seals in New South Wales have just released a new Australian designed tamper evident chamber (TEC), which they believe is the leading device of its kind in the world.

Tamper evident chambers are attached to a protected container such as a bag containing cash or sensitive documents and use security seals to show evidence of tampering or unauthorised access.

Harcor’s new patented TEC chamber uses chamber breakout points designed to fracture when tampered with, showing further evidence of tampering on the chamber itself, not just the seal like other chambers. The result is a greater level of security for end users.

In addition to the increased security, the new robust chambers continue to provide reliable sealing and easy opening/closing of reusable security bags.

Having the ability to use seals that are already being purchased means clients would not need to change their security systems to use the new range of chambers.

The high level of security, environmental and cost benefits offered, are increasing the popularity of reusable tamper evident bags.

Harcor have created a range of different TEC chambers to suit their clients’ needs. You can find out more by visiting www.harcor.com.au.

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