Head of Business Development Rodrigues Teh drives SecurEnvoy sales in East Asia & ASEAN


SecurEnvoy LogoThe Asian market is increasingly recognising the benefits of tokenless two-factor authentication

Tokenless two-factor authentication is becoming increasingly popular in Asia. Security vendor SecurEnvoy are currently expanding ahead of expectations in this flourishing market as a result. Proof of this is the continued expansion from the inventor of tokenless two-factor authentication. Its sales in East Asia & ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) will now be managed by Head of Business Development Rodrigues Teh. He is assisting organisations to review the protection companies need in the fight against the increasing IT threats originating in Asia: the introduction of the latest SecurEnvoy technologies allow employees to authenticate themselves securely and easily access their company networks using their mobile telephone.

Rodrigues Teh’s geographical area of responsibility covers a wide region but one he is very familiar with: he is responsible for Hong Kong/China (divided into North & South) , Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. He benefits from 17 years of experience in the Asian IT market. Rodrigues Teh previously worked for companies such as the prestigious value added distributor Malaysia Formis Group. His professional career has so far seen him work in the areas of IT security, communications security, IT process improvement, technology consulting focusing on financial sector, public sector, telecommunications, and large enterprises.

“The Asian market is ready for tokenless two-factor authentication,” states Rodrigues Teh, Head of Business Development East Asia & ASEAN at SecurEnvoy. “This method is not yet very common here, as dedicated tokens, which are impractical in a number of respects, are still used in many places. But the tokenless SecurAccess solution is capable of doing very well in the market here, especially in view of its level of security and cost efficiency. We are extremely confident that tokenless two-factor authentication solution like SecurAccess will be the game changer in todays’ mobility security for enterprises and the way we approach to enhance mobility security. There are great opportunities for us to acquire a range of new distributors and business partners for SecurEnvoy in Asia to propel us into the next phase of growth. “

Secure logins without the need for a dedicated token
Tokenless two-factor authentication helps companies to dispel any security concerns they may have regarding login procedures for virtual private networks (VPNs). In addition, the SecurEnvoy technology is also very convenient: employees can log into the network without needing to have a dedicated token. Staff instead authenticate themselves using a combination of their personal login details and a dynamically created passcode. This code is sent to the employee via SMS, email, voice call or the employee can carry the soft token app on their smart devices. Combined with these frictionless technologies, a new method called One Swipe speeds up the authentication process even further, as it can be carried out completely offline. This involves the user generating a QR code in the associated soft token app. He/she then enters his/her login details and scans the code using a webcam on a smartphone or laptop. This allows users to prove their identity in just a few seconds, which is a huge plus in terms of user-friendliness.

The various Token Types are mentioned on the SecurEnvoy website.