Highlights from the 2015 Security in Government Conference


Another very successful Security in Government (SIG) conference was recently hosted by the Australian Attorney-General’s Department in Canberra. Now in its 27th year the conference provides an excellent educational and networking opportunity for protective security professionals.

This year’s theme was Risk management – getting it right! Conference speakers highlighted various aspects of effective risk management including understanding the vulnerabilities that underpin each of the critical points in the business model and what is essential to the running of the organisation.

Speakers included the Hon Dr Brendan Nelson, Director of the Australian War Memorial and former Federal Opposition Leader, Chris Moraitis PSM, Secretary of the Australian Attorney-General’s Department, Dr Carl Gibson from La Trobe University and Andrew Annakin from the New Zealand Intelligence Community.

Delegates at the SIG 2015 conference dinner were treated to an unforgettable and national patriotism building address by Dr Nelson. Dr Nelson’s address included entertaining anecdotes from his past experiences as an education minister But the heart of his speech was a moving, personal perspective on the purpose and mission of the Australian War Memorial. He sees the Memorial as more than a commemoration of the sacrifice of those Australians who have died in war, but a celebration of who we are and how it shapes our future.

Mr Moraitis spoke on managing personnel security risk. He explained that a robust risk-management approach to personnel security requires an understanding of the risks and the ways to manage them at the individual, organisational and whole-of-government level. He also stressed the importance of embedding a ‘culture of security’ within organisations.

Dr Gibson provided an insight into understanding the risk environment and focused on the consequence and the probability of day to day events, as well as one-off events that often influence our approach to managing risk.

Mr Annakin spoke about the introduction of New Zealand’s new Protective Security Requirements (PSR). The PSR framework provides clear guidance and support for New Zealand’s public service departments and the New Zealand Defence Force, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service and Parliamentary Counsel Office to achieve improved security standards in protecting its people, information and assets… Click HERE to find out more about this article