How supporting change for good enhances security’s reputation


The Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc. (ASMF) has grown to become a credible force in change for the good, says it Chairman, Steve Jackson, and is generating a number of projects that will have a positive impact on the security industry.

“At core, the Foundation is about celebrating security heroes and their stories,” says Jackson, “But out of that work, as well as raising funds for charity, a tremendous amount of goodwill has been generated because people are seeing that positive change for good is an important aspect of improving the industry’s image and developing the profession.”

In the past year, the ASMF, which has been operating for only three years and is run entirely by volunteers, has:

  • Established a benevolent fund to provide emergency assistance to families of security operatives killed in the line of duty;
  • Appointed Philip Ruddock MP as its patron;
  • Pledged over $250,000 in support for the Centre for Excellence in Policing and Security (CEPS) in its bid for the next round of funding;
  • Revamped its website to include the medal recipients’ stories, including videos on this year’s recipients;
  • Begun work on a program addressing mental health issues in the security industry, planned to be launched in November 2013;
  • Started discussions with St John Ambulance with a view to establishing a national lifesaving award for security operatives.

“Having Mr Ruddock agree to be patron is a tremendous boost to the credibility of the Foundation and recognition of the importance of the work it is doing,” says Jackson.

“In respect of the mental health program and the lifesaving award, as an industry we need to do more to acknowledge that in reality, trained security operatives are today’s first responders in Australia. In nearly all cases, they are first on the scene, rendering first aid, organising evacuation, assisting people in trouble, or saving lives — and they do so with very little recognition.

“In terms of supporting the work of the CEPS, it is about raising professionalism as well as highlighting to the wider community security’s growing professionalism and contribution to society.

“Ultimately, it will spotlight the importance of the private sectors’ contribution to safeguarding Australia, and assist in disseminating new knowledge and perspectives on the nexus between security and policing.”

“None of this work, of course, would be possible without the incredibly generous support of the Foundation’s sponsors, contributors, supporters and volunteers, all of whom play a part in building a stronger, healthier and respected industry.”

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