How to minimise roulette wheel motion blur


Once I was approached by a casino professional, asking me if I can help them find a camera with 60fps which they want to use with their roulette tables.

First I asked him about the purpose for such camera, before I gave him my response.

Certainly, I knew of a handful IP camera manufacturers that had in their range 60fps cameras (some even more than 60fps), but I somehow sensed that the question was based on the lack of understanding of how camera works (more specifically – the electronic shutter), rather than a real quest for a camera of high frame rate. Plus, high frame rate cameras are usually more expensive.

When I was explained by the customer that the images from his roulette wheel winning numbers appeared very blurry, and customers were complaining about that, I knew what was problem.

Cameras are often used to look at the roulette wheels, and display the winning number as soon as the roulette ball lands on a number.

Casino dealers don’t wait for the roulette wheel to finish spinning, as this takes quite some time, and players will not wait. The most practical thing for them is to wait until the ball, after jumping around, lands in the winning number area and while still spinning, they show a snap-shot image of the winning number on the large screen…Click here to read full article.