How to see the cyber and disappear completely


After 20 years of research, we have condensed our hacking experience into two innovative products: A cyber radar system that visualizes, measures and controls the whole cyber-physical space, and a moving target security solution that makes data traffic and networks invisible to the outside world

Technology to the core

Over the last 20 years, I have attacked and penetrated my client’s networks and infrastructures. When I started my business as a professional hacker in the late 90s, the topic was a marginal one, followed only by a small, peculiar but very skilled community. We literally penetrated our customer’s infra¬struc-tures to the core – to the bits and bytes. During these years, IT developed into being the most central element of modern societies, from running banks, telecoms or governments to our very own pocket smart phones. Nothing works without it – we are completely dependent. “Cyber” has become “physical”. It is part of the world we live in: houses, doors, cars, planes, trains … But the technology used to transfer data over networks is still the same, with all its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It was envisioned forty years ago in a research project within trusted peers. With the effect that, as Verizon states in its 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, “no locale, industry or organisation is bulletproof when it comes to the compromise of data” .

Insecure by design

This technology has been developed to reliably transfer data. It has not been designed to be secure, private, or confidential. Therefore, cyber-crime has become a very profitable business, reporting an average cost of AUD 5,2 Million per data breach in 2015…Click HERE to read full article.