Illumio Lights Up Marketplace


Illumio has announced Illumio CloudSecure and Illumio Core are available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Azure users can now access two pillars of the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) platform, extending mission-critical segmentation capabilities to the cloud and data center.   

 “The hyper-connected climate we live in has revolutionized business today, but it also comes with heightened risk,” said Eric Renner, Vice President of Technology Alliances at Illumio.

 “Organizations are bound to be breached, it’s the inevitable reality of our world today. But with Zero Trust Segmentation proactively in place, a breached system does not have to mean crippling business impact. Workloads and cloud environments that are segmented dramatically restrict threats from moving, thwarting their ability to access and steal sensitive data or damage mission critical systems. Illumio’s Zero Trust Segmentation platform is easy to deploy, and now easy to access for global Azure customers who want to reduce cyber risk across hybrid IT.” said Renner.