Imation Announces IronKey™ H350, the First USB 3.0 Hard Drive to Receive FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certification


IronKeyH350HardDriveImation Corp. (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security company, today announced the new IronKey H350 USB 3.0 hard drive. The IronKey H350 is the only USB 3.0 hard drive to achieve FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation (certification #2359) to meet the most stringent 256-bit encryption requirements mandated for government agencies, defence contractors, and healthcare and financial-services enterprises. With this high-security, high-performance USB hard drive, government agencies and enterprises can have the assurance that the entire drive – not just its encryption components – is compliant with this standard, keeping it safe from targeted attacks such as BadUSB and Equation Group.

The H350 comes in two versions – Basic and Enterprise – offering organisations and agencies a choice for their mobile security needs. The IronKey Basic H350 is encased in a tamper-resistant, high-strength aluminum enclosure and features AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, USB 3.0 performance and a Section 508-compliant control panel localised for eight languages. The IronKey Enterprise H350 includes all the same features plus an on-premises or cloud-based management console that lets IT customise security policies and deploy and manage protected portable devices across the enterprise. The management system can remotely wipe or destroy a lost or stolen device and also provides the only secure password reset mechanism that allows users to recover data without erasing the contents on the drive or using a backdoor to reset the password. In addition, the IronKey H350 backs up the brand’s reputation for ruggedness and dependability with a five-year warranty.

“With the BadUSB attack, the spotlight is on USB-related threats,” said Ken Jones, IronKey vice president of engineering and product management. “These recent attacks highlight the importance of allowing only secure devices to access company networks and data. All IronKey products, including the H350 hard drives, feature firmware signing that makes them immune to these new types of threats, so enterprises and agencies can reliably protect sensitive data.”

IronKey Basic and Enterprise H350 Technical Advantages:

– Fast, secure local backup of computer systems
– Video streaming for training or mission information, so sensitive information never resides on the displaying computer

  • Enterprise management on premises or in the cloud with the IronKey Enterprise Management Server or Service.
    • Monitor when and where device is unlocked
    • Securely recover password if user forgets it
    • Remotely wipe or destroy device if it is lost or stolen
    • Device is disabled until end user activates it through the management system

·       Support for eight languages, including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish

Availability and Pricing:


Pricing for the IronKey H350 500GB version is $411 excluding GST.
Pricing for the IronKey H350 USB 1TB version is $482 excluding GST

New Zealand

Pricing for the IronKey H350 500GB version is $499 excluding GST.
Pricing for the IronKey H350 USB 1TB version is $599 excluding GST

IronKey H350 hard drives are immediately available from authorised channel partners.