Industry Survey – Security Exhibition & Conference


The Security Exhibition & Conference is committed to delivering relevant, timely information to Australia’s security industry. To maintain this position, we’re asking for vital input from security industry professionals through an insights survey which will culminate in a 2019 Security Industry ‘State of the Market’ Report.

The report is designed as a valuable knowledge resource providing meaningful trends that influence the physical and electronic security product market in Australia.

Offering a holistic view of the areas critical to the growth and strategic direction of the industry, the report is anticipated to be a key reference tool for both professionals and organisations working in security today.

Industry contribution is essential to ensure a complete and accurate view of the security industry in Australia. Ensure you make your mark on the development of this much anticipated industry resource.

For participating in the survey you’ll not only help to build industry knowledge, but to say thanks, we’ll be giving away a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5 Tablet. Please submit your name and email at the end of the survey to enter the competition.

Here’s the link to the survey:

Please note that the survey responses are anonymous unless otherwise stated. The results will be used for indicative conclusions and aggregated to form a view of the industry not to profile specific organisations.