Internet of Threats


The Fourth Industrial Revolution characterized by billions of interconnected devices with unprecedented processing power and storage capacity underscores the digitalisation wave sweeping through modern societies.

Devices such as smart appliances (TVs, refrigerators) connected to our phones, health wearables, home security cameras are becoming increasingly common. Beyond this diverse collection of consumer devices are commercial applications such as specialised medical or smart logistics equipment. And interacting with these devices include cloud and cellular technologies powering the digital connectivity.

The rapid expansion of interconnected devices introduces a dynamic and vast cyber network. What’s more, the increasing density opens additional entry points for malware to establish foothold and facilitates the spreading of infection.

In this set-up, voluminous digital data poses privacy issues. Security of the infrastructure is also a concern. These risks associated with interconnected devices or internet-of-things (IoT) are also known as the “Internet of Threats”.

Exploits of IoT brings disruption. At the Singapore International Cyber Week (18th- 20th September, SunTec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre) and Internet of Things World Asia, (19th-20th September, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre), we learn more about outages and denial-of-service, breach of digital data and other threats…Click here to read full article.