Juniper Networks’ Secure Edge Solution


With the rise of distributed workforces, organisations are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way the network edge is secured, paving the path to brand-new, cloud-based architectures at accelerated rates. Extending security to every point of connection is crucial as these new architectures emerge and the transition begins.

“We’re excited to take the next big leap in the SASE market with Juniper Secure Edge,” said Samantha Madrid, VP of Security Business & Strategy, Juniper Networks. “First, we empowered our customers to manage security anywhere, all within a single UI with Security Director Cloud. Now, with the introduction of Juniper Secure Edge, Juniper is enabling its customers to seamlessly secure remote workforces with consistent security policies that follow users wherever they go, all while leveraging existing investments as they transition to a cloud-delivered architecture. Secure Edge makes it easy for customers to deploy effective threat protection without breaking visibility.”

“While remote workforces continue to become the norm, it’s essential to give users the most secure experience possible. Organisations must leverage zero trust principles to give workers secure access to the data and applications needed to do their job from anywhere. Juniper understands this imperative and provides organisations with the tools they need to make this a seamless migration. With Juniper Secure Edge, IT teams can simplify their transition to a SASE architecture by leveraging the benefits of a single stack security solution with unified policy management in a single UI. Now, organisations really can take advantage of the operational efficiencies that a SASE architecture promises.” said John Grady, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

“As workforces have become more distributed, our customers demand increased scalability and consistent security without breaking the bank. Juniper Secure Edge managed by Security Director Cloud, allows us to meet those demands by providing best-of-breed network security, delivered from the cloud, via a consolidated solution with a single UI. We can more easily manage customer networks both at the edge and for the data center, and do it more effectively. Our customers are happy, and we’re happy we can provide them with a great user experience.” said Jeff Rathmann, CEO, Silo City IT.