Legacy data protection technologies: how to avoid being vulnerable


Logo-2015-AcronisData centres are meant to make businesses more efficient and their users more productive. It can be difficult to achieve these goals if businesses have legacy data protection technologies and systems in place, which can add extra expense and lower efficiencies.

Lincoln Goldsmith, general manager Australia, Acronis, said, “Not every new data protection solution is the same. Some may appear promising in the beginning, but then you run into hidden costs when you want to implement the technology’s full capabilities.

“These costs can be associated with using outdated software with an old interface for tape backup systems, or the need for an additional external tool for granular data recovery. It’s unfortunate, but these hidden expenses often arise because some data protection vendors rebrand old, legacy software and solutions to cut costs.”

Businesses should be on the lookout for vendors that do not have the resources to fully integrate the technology that comprises a complete data solution. Organisations in the market for new data infrastructure need to identify vendors that have a solution with core technology built from the scratch by the vendor itself, not some unknown partner.

Lincoln Goldsmith said, “While you need to look for vendors who have built all their own technology, they must not be averse to developing and integrating new solutions, especially when it comes to cloud – a complete re-architecture is often needed. That way, you don’t run the risk being handed clunky, old, and rebranded solutions as part of an ‘all-inclusive’ technology package.

“By engaging an established data solution vendor whose focus is data protection, you can make sure that your data protection solution will continue to keep pace with any other infrastructure you implement in the future.

“With the right vendor, you’ll continue to get support and help with your data protection infrastructure, no matter what else you’ve added to your data technology fleet.”