Lifeline innovation launched at Sydney Security Expo shows how to blend quality with design


Boon Edam’s globally proven range of Lifeline speed gates, as shown at Security Expo 2017, will benefit public and private users of entrance security technologies in Australia and worldwide, including in government buildings, legislatures, treasuries, diplomatic posts and mobility hotspots such as entrances to high rise HQs.

Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr Willem Cosijn attended the stand, as Boon Edam launched its Lifeline series to Sydney for the first time.

“Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Willem Cosijn, centre, visits Boon Edam Managing Director Michael Fisher, right, and National Sales Manager Alastair Russell, left as they launch their Lifeline entrance security gates, shown centre, to Sydney at the Security Expo 2017”

“It’s always great to see Dutch companies flourishing in Australia, and Boon Edam exemplifies the Dutch mentality of high quality, sleek design and friendly, effective customer service,” said Mr Cosijn.

Designed to the highest standards of quality, aesthetics and ergonomics, the Lifeline Series is an intuitive, refined and secure entry management system for guiding and managing people flow through to secured areas of buildings, and is available at a market-leading price.

Boon Edam Managing Director Michael Fisher says the Lifeline series is one of Boon Edam’s most versatile and useful ranges for entrance security, due to its applicability to a range of entrance security scenarios and its high level of customisation.

“The Lifeline series has been positively received globally, and our feedback at the Security Expo suggests that there’s a strong interest locally for premium entrance security products, backed by quality customer service,” he said.

“Entrance security that combines intuitive functionality with sleek, modern designs is especially important in sensitive buildings like government and embassies, where positive first impressions and overall levels of safety and security are vital.”

“Boon Edam’s Lifeline series blends quality and ergonomics with aesthetically pleasing designs that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure”

“Feedback from the Security Expo reinforces what we already knew about the industry – customer service and backup is crucial. That’s why we have a dedicated service team in Australia, and we also offer market-leading warranties on our products.”

Boon Edam’s Lifeline series blends quality and ergonomics with aesthetically pleasing designs that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure


Major advantages of the Lifeline Series include its intuitive symbols, ergonomic design, premium quality materials and customisation to fit a diversity of interior designs.

Entrance security systems like Lifeline are often the first interactions visitors have with a building, so it’s not only important that they’re functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the surrounding architecture

The Lifeline Series interacts with those who approach it, guiding the flow of high visitor levels and acting as a boundary between public and private worlds.

There are three models in the series – Slide, Swing and Open – which can each be further customised with dimensional and glass choices as well as a range of currently trending colour finishes. Every combination is possible for all levels of security.

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