Limelight Shines with New Solution Post Layer0 Acquisition


Limelight Networks have announced the release of their Layer0 platform on its global Content Delivery Network (CDN) — the first new product resulting from Limelight’s acquisition of Layer0.

Layer0 allows development teams to ship up to twice as fast and offer sub-second page loads by extending the edge to the browser. Layer0 can augment or replace a site’s existing web CDN and security vendor to deliver faster page loads and lower costs while the development team gains new features that cater to the dramatic shift to zero ops and programming at the edge.

“Layer0 makes implementing new functionality much easier, hands down, than anything else. It’s more flexible and more user friendly and the platform takes all the guesswork out of deployments and caching,” said Jason Adkison, Frontend Developer at Shoe Carnival.

“Shoe Carnival’s site, which uses the Salesforce Commerce Cloud eCommerce platform, saw dramatically better performance: page load times went from 5 seconds to under a second when measured on a mobile device. At Sharper Image, the development team is delivering instant page loads. Everyone has commented on how blazing fast our site is, which is thanks to Layer0. It was one of the fastest implementations we’ve ever seen,” said Sam Grossman, COO at Sharper Image.

“Website builders have a dramatically simpler yet more capable infrastructure in the cloud for their websites and APIs. As the hyperscale cloud providers and the existing edge platform vendors keep offering point ‘cloud primitives’ as ‘hammers and nails’, Limelight is delivering what customers have been asking for — an integrated solution that securely delivers the best productivity and performance outcomes in the market,” said Ajay Kapur, Chief Technology Officer at Limelight.