LINDT CAFÉ SIEGE – Dammed if you do and Dammed if you don’t


There are many questions being asked by Senior Council acting for the Dawson family as part of the Coronial inquest into the Lindt Café Siege, and understandably so. Police operations have never been more under the microscope. There is almost daily reporting in the media into the Police decisions, actions and operational capability on that fateful night in December 2014. The actions of the NSW Police on that evening have evoked strong public opinion and the Police situation is almost one of; damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

Perhaps one way to reduce the risks associated with such a loss of public faith would be to revisit who and how incidents of this nature can best be dealt with. In doing so, we need to revisit ALL possible resources and methods of operation objectively. A debate as to whether terrorist incidents should remain under the control of Police or whether future Military involvement needs to be considered and evaluated? This question raises some big issues. Specifically, whether Australia has the stomach for a military intervention on home soil and whether our risk averse culture hinders this type of commitment and resolution going forward?

Before exploring this question, I might first suggest that we not lose sight of the bravery of a small group of Police officers from the tactical operations unit (TOU). Above all else, these officers risked their lives. They were also severely affected by the decisions and actions of the ‘Police Operational Command’. It was these officers who had to come in off the back foot, behind the eight ball in an Emergency Action and engage a man committed to mayhem and murder. They are the bravest of souls and we can only ever be grateful for their service…Click HERE to read full article.