Lockheed Martin Australia Welcomes Hudson Display


Lockheed Martin Logo.jpgGlobal innovation and technology company Lockheed Martin has commended the Australian War Memorial’s Lockheed Hudson Mk IV bomber installation at Canberra Airport. Built by Lockheed Martin, it is a powerful and poignant reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made to defend Australia’s shores.

Immaculately restored by the Australian War Memorial’s large project conservation team, the Lockheed Hudson on display was flown by the RAAF during World War Two. It went on to serve as a commercial passenger plane post-war.

Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive, Raydon Gates, was delighted to see the Hudson in mint condition and on public display at Canberra Airport.

hudsoncanberraairport“The Hudson made an important contribution to Australia’s defence during the Second World War, and this installation serves as an important reminder that the relative peace and prosperity we enjoy today as a nation was hard earned,” he said.

According to Gates, the legendary Hudson was one of the earliest types of aircraft carrying the iconic Lockheed name to fly in Australia, a legacy that has endured for over 70 years.

“Lockheed Martin innovative technologies have been contributing to the security of Australia for over 70 years, and we are proud of our heritage as the manufacturer of some of the most famous and iconic aircraft in Australia’s aviation history,” he said.

“Our aircraft have continuously revolutionised Australia’s military aviation technology, from the early days of the Hudson and the Neptune to the C-130 Hercules, the P-3 Orion and, of course, the world’s most advanced military aircraft, the F-35 Lightning II.”

Director of the Australian War Memorial, Dr Brendan Nelson, paid tribute to Lockheed Martin Australia’s support for the Australian War Memorial.

“We are proud of our partnership with Lockheed Martin. Its support for our education and public programmes has enabled us to bring our nation’s history to life in every sense of the word. As a respected corporate citizen, Lockheed Martin recognised that by contributing to the Memorial it contributes to Australians having a greater belief in ourselves and who we are.”

“Lockheed Martin helped us defend our vital interests during the dark days of the Second World War. It is now equipping our nation for the 21st century whilst supporting Australia’s most significant cultural institution – the Australian War Memorial,” Dr Nelson said.

Lockheed Martin Australia is a proud benefactor of the Australian War Memorial.

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