MASA releases Sword V6.0 to provide unique capability for enhanced training and analysis


MASA LogoThe market leading automated wargame solution for training or decision-support, MASA SWORD, has recently been upgraded with a series of new capabilities. Customers will benefit from a range of new features including an improved user interface to strengthen SWORD’s position as the world’s most popular training & analysis tool.

With customers in 15 countries around the world, MASA SWORD is rightly recognized as the world’s leading wargame with automated forces. The company has recently taken this capability a step further with the release of SWORD version 6.0. The range of new futures included in this latest version is the result of a strong internal Research and Development effort that has been driven by a particularly close relationship with MASA’s growing customer base.

SWORD v6 will be publicly showcased for the first time at the ITEC exhibition and conference in Prague from 28-30 April 2015.

“The introduction of SWORD v6.0 brings our customers a range of significant enhancements” says MASA’s New Markets & Sales Manager, Enrico Raue. “SWORD provides users with a training or analysis system that has a direct influence on combat outcomes: we are dedicated to delivering the most realistic constructive simulation solution for both training and decision-support applications (through strong interoperability with Command and Control – C2 systems). Some of the enhancements in SWORD V6.0 include multiple-views Graphical User Interface (GUI) and advanced After Action Review (AAR) capabilities, both of which enable an improved efficiency of the system to reduce operator training time and workload even further.”

A brand new addition to SWORD’s capability profile is the offering of multiple sub-views. This feature allows the user to create as many views – or windows – of a simulated scenario as they want and to display them simultaneously. Each sub-view can be customized independently, for example focusing on a specific unit or a view for each simulated side and one for the common operational picture. This attribute in particular has been recognized by the military forces that have undertaken beta trials with the new version.

SWORD’s AAR capability sees the addition of an ‘edit’ tool. A recorded simulated scenario can be now edited by selecting sequences of interest to create a more focused representation of the exercise. The edited version can be exported and reviewed after the training sessions by commanders or trainers on any standard computer without the need of further SWORD licenses.

Furthermore, SWORD’s timeline has also been upgraded with new features, including additional filters, and a new type of events. This can be used in conjunction with the new AAR edition tool to create a dynamic replay that automatically focus on relevant events and add context to the action.

“The release of SWORD v6 shows once again that MASA is proactively providing cutting-edge solutions to meet our customers’ training and analysis needs” says Juan-Pablo Torres, MASA’s President and CEO. “We continue to make major investments to maintain our position as the leading provider of wargame solutions with automated forces and artificial intelligence-based constructive simulation software. To achieve this goal, MASA works closely with a growing number of military and emergency management end-users and service providers across five continents, whose input ensures that SWORD remains the most well-regarded tool of its kind worldwide.”

With continuing pressure on defense budgets and new training and operational challenges to be met, an increasing number of armed forces around the world are turning to more cost-effective training & real-time decision-support solutions. SWORD’s powerful automation capability, based on its state-of-the-art Artificial-Intelligence engine, is particularly well positioned to address such new challenges. The two major benefits to the use of AI-based simulation technology are: significantly reduced costs and the ability to use highly realistic Computer Generated Forces (CGF) to simulate a comprehensive spectrum of military and paramilitary forces as well as NGO and civilian stakeholders.