MetricStream Unveils ConnectedGRC


MetricStream has announced ConnectedGRC solutions that address today’s most urgent business challenges related to risk, compliance, audit, cyber risks, and environmental, social, governance (ESG). Over the last 24 months, organisations have been challenged by a rapid increase of cybersecurity risks, business disruptions, regulatory pressures, and a constantly evolving need to demonstrate responsible business practices.

Businesses that have historically used multiple risk and compliance point solutions experience broken processes, isolated data, and insufficient insights. MetricStream’s connected GRC software solutions is a platform that enables enhanced collaboration, information sharing, and a quantitative approach to risk management.

“The old ways of managing risk – siloed, compartmentalised, and manual – are no longer effective or efficient. Risk is pervasive, stretching across the enterprise,” said Bruce Dahlgren, Chief Executive Officer, MetricStream. “It’s time for leaders to manage, embrace, and thrive on risk by breaking down silos and implementing a Connected GRC strategy that becomes a single source of truth to make more strategic business decisions.”