Micro Focus ArcSight with new unified layered analytics platform


Micro Focus has announced the availability of ArcSight 2020, featuring a new unified layered analytics platform and user interface that simplifies holistic threat detection. With these new capabilities, the latest version of ArcSight now provides security operation centres (SOCs) with an end-to-end intelligent enterprise security operations platform while reducing resource drain.

Effective security operations (SecOps) in the modern cybersecurity environment requires a simple, open, and intelligent solution that reduces false positives and increases efficiency. However, users are often faced with a wide range of disparate security solutions that are packaged in a complex architecture. ArcSight 2020 offers SOCs an alternative that focuses on improving productivity by simplifying critical processes with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics and enhancing the overall user experience.

Mike Mychalczuk, director of product management, Micro Focus, said, “With 20 years of serving the SecOps community, we know the talent war is real, and what it takes to win it. As a proactive end-to-end security operations solution, ArcSight enables SOCs to intelligently adapt their organisations to address the overwhelming talent shortage challenge in a world of rapidly increasing threats by providing real-time detection, behavioural analytics, and advanced threat hunting and log management capabilities.”

Designed to increase security operations’ productivity and flexibility, ArcSight 2020 includes:

  • ArcSight and Interset – delivering unified layered analytics in a unified infrastructure: The new unified layered analytics platform, running on common connectivity and storage, simplifies holistic threat detection by seamlessly combining the powers of its leading correlation engine for known threat detection with Interset’s powerful behavioural analytics, powered by AI (unsupervised machine learning), for unknown threat detection.
  • ArcSight Recon – big data analytics powered by AI: The new ArcSight Recon is a purpose-built big data solution to enable AI assisted threat hunting with its proven analytics, and addresses compliance needs with simplified log management. Its extensive scalability allows organisations to tailor deployment to easily meet current and future needs.

This new ArcSight update follows Micro Focus’ recently announced acquisition of ATAR Labs to provide full security operations and automation response (SOAR) to all ArcSight customers. Going forward, as part of the ATAR Labs’ integration into ArcSight, ATAR Labs’ capabilities will also be incorporated into ArcSight’s layered analytics platform to further simplify the end-to-end user experience.