Micro Focus Goes to Marketplace


Micro Focus has announced the availability of its Enterprise Suite for application modernisation on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Neil Fowler, general manager and VP of the application modernisation and connectivity business at Micro Focus, said, “Moving critical workloads from legacy infrastructure and onto a flexible, scalable, and innovative platform like Google Cloud is an important step in digital transformation. It is imperative that organisations ensure their core business applications can meet the demands of today’s ever-changing technology and business needs. Because of this, research shows that 72 per cent of COBOL application owners are considering modernisation as the best way to digitally transform their strategic core business systems. The availability of Micro Focus’ proven modernisation solutions, deployed easily on Google Cloud’s trusted infrastructure via the Google Cloud Marketplace, can provide organisations with an easier path to begin their digital transformation journey.”

Howard Weale, director, transformation practice, Google Cloud, said, “Legacy infrastructure should not be a barrier to innovation. Bringing Micro Focus to Google Cloud Marketplace will accelerate and simplify organisations’ ability to modernise some of the most common mainframe infrastructure in use today, helping them achieve their cloud agendas more quickly while benefiting from leading security, data management, and workload administration capabilities.”

Enterprise Suite is a Micro Focus product line that enables modernisation of IBM mainframe PL/I and COBOL applications, processes and infrastructure, enabling greater efficiency and time to market. Last month, Micro Focus released the enhanced version of the Enterprise Suite, version 8.0, in conjunction with Visual COBOL 8.0.